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Uncovery of Tooth


Canine teeth (“eye teeth”) often develop in the wrong position and remain hidden inside the gum tissue. A hidden canine tooth is usually positioned in the roof of the mouth but could also be positioned, it may be positioned beneath the upper lip.

In order for the orthodontist to be able to move the unerupted tooth into the mouth with braces, it will first be necessary to expose the tooth surgically and bond a metal bracket and chain to the tooth. The orthodontist will then attach the chain to a brace and slowly pull the tooth into position  


Before Uncovery

Unerupted canine

Rupa Hamal DMD

After Uncovery 

Rupa Hamal DMD

"Maria had an excellent experience with Dr Hamal. The surgery went smoothly with very little discomfort and healing time was quick. The staff also are very nice and helpful. Overall a very easy and expeditious process ! "

         Dawn, Maria's Mom

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